Spider Solitaire XP for Windows 7

If you do not like the Windows 7 version of Solitaire here is your chance to play the old version of Windows XP Solitaire game on Windows 7 without much hassles.

Anyone who plays the Solitaire game for more than 30 seconds can see that the differences between XP and 7 are more than just cosmetic.

The Windows 7 version is very much different than the XP version:
- The cards are blurry in Windows 7 while the XP ones were easy to see.
- In XP there was an option for Outline dragging.
- In XP, you could right click and get everything to go up to the top. Now it rarely occurs.
- The Windows 7 version always asks if you want to replay the same game every time you start a new game.

You can also run the old XP standalone Solitaire and Windows 7
Solitaire simultaneously. So, you can now experience Windows XP Solitaire game in Windows 7 as well.

Screenshot (click to Larger Picture):

Solitaire XP for Windows 7


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Windows 7,
Windows 7 64-bit.
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